Free Seo Tool to Deprecated HTML Tags Test

This test verifies that your web pages are using deprecated HTML tags . These tags will eventually lose browser support and your web pages may render incorrectly as browsers drop support for these tags. This makes it difficult to maintain code, find bugs and fix problems in older code as they are not compatible with newer browsers, even if you're writing standards-compliant code.

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The tests will identify deprecated HTML tags and apply them to your code. You must replace these with proper tags or CSS rules. Some examples are given below:

  • <applet> alternative tag is <object>
  • <basefont> alternative css is font-family
  • <center> alternative css is text-align
  • <dir> alternative tag is <ul> or <li>
  • <embed> alternative tag is <object>
  • <isindex> Specifies a single-line input field. equivalent tag is standard <input>
  • <font> alternative CSS properties are font-family and font-size
  • <listing> alternative tag is <pre>
  • <menu> alternative tag is <<ul> or <li>
  • <plaintext> alternative tag is <pre>
  • <s> <strike> and <u> tags, alternative css is text-decoration
  • <xmp> equivalent tag is <pre>