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The Canonical tag is an HTML element that is used to indicate the preferred version of a web page when multiple versions of the same page exist.
It is a way to tell search engines which version of a page to index and display in search results.
Here is an example of how to use the Canonical tag:

<link rel="canonical" href="">

This tells search engines that the preferred version of the page is located at the specified URL. If there are other versions of the page with different URLs, such as a mobile version or a printer-friendly version, the Canonical tag can be used to indicate that they should be considered duplicates of the preferred version.
Using the Canonical tag can help to avoid issues with duplicate content, which can negatively impact search engine rankings. It is particularly useful for e-commerce sites and other sites that have multiple versions of product pages or other content.
It's important to note that the Canonical tag should only be used for pages that are truly duplicates of each other.
If there are significant differences between the pages, such as different content or functionality, they should be treated as separate pages and not use the Canonical tag.

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