Free Seo Tool to Check Robots.txt accesiblity

The Robots.txt Test provides easy and fast results as it tests whether your server is accessible by robots to see if SEO friendly. Just entry your domain and click 'Checkup' below.

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How to Check robots.txt

robots.txt files should be on root of your website and should be accessible with

If everything on our website is accessible then standard robots.txt looks like

            User-agent: *

This will be used to test the robots.txt file available on your website. The robots.txt file gives instructions to search engines how to crawl the web pages of the websites you own or manage.

SEO robots.txt test is performed to see if the site follows links that are found in the robots.txt file of one's domain. The robots.txtfile allows search engines and spiders to determine what type of links to follow just by checking a few fields. If a site does not have a robots.txt file, it means that there is no directive for search engines, spiders and human users about how to access the site and its resources.

Robots.txt is a file used by search engines to check for duplicate URLs on their own site and then block content. Most websites use robots.txt files to block certain URLs or categories of content, but search engines also use robots.txtfiles to verify that a website is a valid domain before indexing it in Google Search.

Robots.txt is the go-to tool for SEOs to turn off or block unwanted crawlers, bots and spiders so that they don't index your website. Search engines and robots may use robots.txtto determine what they're allowed to crawl on a website, however if you edit it improperly you run the risk of being blocked by search engines. The most common reason why you shouldn't edit your robots.txt file is if you are using a third party service such as Google Analytics - Google has stated that they won't crawl through the stats section of domains that have a robots.txt in place - it will just be ignored