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How to Test Your Meta Description to Improve Your SEO

Meta description should be in <head> of html page with <title> tag just like below.

            <meta name='description' content='type_your_description_here'>
It should be in range of 150 to 160 characters.

Meta description is a snippet of text that describes your page and attracts the user. A good meta description can help boost the rank of your website and increases click-through rate for certain keywords.

Meta description is compulsory but it can be used in many other ways to help the searcher find the product they want.

Your meta description is that bit of copy you see before and after every search result on Google. It’s the short cut to a potential customer clicking your ad and then navigating through the results.

Meta description is the most important text on your website's page, so it's important that you write a good one. Make sure that keyword phrases are included and check for any grammatical errors.

The meta description is the text that appears in search engine results' summary pages. It's a short, key-word-focused description of your website that tells users what to expect from your site.